Nina Thiara - My Story

When seeking relief from painful relationships, there are many things we must consider. We must consider our external world as well as our internal world.

It is possible to use our divorce as a catalyst for change and create a new life that is filled with promise, possibilities and freedom. I believe that people who come into our lives and mirror our buried emotions are here to awaken us and teach us how to love and heal ourselves.

Divorce taught me the importance of taking responsibility for emotions and connecting inwardly with pain to sort through layers of conditioning and arrive at a place of empowerment and clarity.

When we focus on the external world, we place blame on others for contributing to the stress in our lives. I played the victim role for many years, pointing fingers at others. As I looked outside myself for blame, I also sought an external source of healing. Many of the problems I was experiencing in my marriage came from self-denial.

As a result of being in a difficult relationship, I suffered a number of health issues. My body developed a survival mechanism and essentially shut down in order for me to cope with the situation.

Throughout the course of my treatment, I learned that my symptoms were manifested as a result of subconscious beliefs and cultural values, coupled with a lack of self love. I was living a life driven by the expectations of others, and didn’t have my own voice. The treatment plan helped bring each of my symptoms to the surface in order for me to understand why they had manifested, and how they were continuing to affect my life. Healing resulted from a combination of inner work, supplements and life coaching. I was coached through layers of illness that was deeply embedded into my psyche.

The root cause of all of my problems was depression. With a new outlook on life, I was able to properly reflect. I realized I could no longer, relate to my husband of 22 years. It was like I had woken up from coma and the people in my life were total strangers, but in reality, I was the one who had changed. Now fully awake at the soul level, I could examine my life to the fullest extent. I set boundaries and expectations of my family when it came to needing support and staying healthy. I was now able to express what I needed from the people in my life.

In 2015, my husband and I divorced.

Finding the real me underneath layers of symptoms has allowed me to live life at the soul level and listen to the wisdom that my body has to offer. Our body is our temple and it’s up to us how we choose to nourish our souls. I now truly feel like I have a purpose.

Today, I am in total control of my emotional health, transforming my life on all levels. I have been able to make the right decisions in order to change the life of my two boys for the better. When I lived in emotional chaos, it had a similar effect on my children. My two boys are now much happier and more emotionally grounded. These positive changes were a result of me taking control of my life as both a mother and a woman. My emotional health has also helped me gain clarity in other aspects of my life, including being able to enjoy more financial freedom, striving for more heart-centered and meaningful relationships, and making better choices overall. My journey has helped me to see that we are all connected and have many shared experiences. 

My vision is to show other women through my story that living an empowered life is possible.